Descent 2 how-to's
Well, this is the place to come to when you don't know how the heck to get that goody or how to find your way to something. As I've been mailed frequently by some people (especially Wei-Shi Tsai) about some scenes I considered less difficult I decided to put them up as well so that really every tricky thing will be included here.

I'm reviewing all of my old demos and will add them one by one, you can have a look at all currently available demos on my demos page. In case you still can't find something please refer to the corresponding categories like D2 - secret levels. Anything else you can't find should make you try harder cause if it's not here it's *dead* easy :)

 level 2: Helix Cannon
Demo: (71 KB)  map  
1ceiling secret door to Cloaking Device
2trigger for secret door (3) to Helix Cannon
3ceiling secret door to Helix Cannon
4trigger to open hallway leading to secret door (3)
5Helix Cannon

Well, itīs really hard to do this one until you get the point. But once youīve figured it out itīs easy and you can choose the method you like most. This is probably the best method:

Fly through the secret door (1) into the room above. Now you are behind the grate oppsite to the Helix Cannon. Shoot all bots in this room as well as the trigger behind the grate where the Helix Cannon is placed. Now place a Smart Mine (Proximity won't do) in front of the trigger on your side. Be sure the secret door is opened otherwise the mine will explode as you descend to the hallway. Now youīve got about 30 sec. to fly to the secret door (3) until the mine activates the trigger that opens the door.

Another more hectic method is to place yourself in front of the Helix Cannonīs grate and to fire a Smart or Guided Missile down the hallway to hit the door from the inside. Then youīve got to speed like hell to arrive at the door before it closes. Yet another method is to shoot the trigger (2) and then afterburn down the hallway to the door.

 level 3: Gauss Cannon
Demo: (6 KB)  map  
1trigger secret door
2secret door
3secret door
4Gauss Cannon

Well, I just love that weapon! Itīs *very* powerful and needs comparatively less ammo. Sounds cool, too! Itīs comparatively easy to get this Cannon.

At first shoot the trigger (1) that opens the secret door (2). Then enter the room behind it and destroy the waiting bot (5).
Now fly back to the secret door and shoot the door (3) that leads to the Gauss Cannon (4). The door opens and you just have to fly around and grab it. Now you really can kick ass!

 level 8: Mega and other goodies behind the grate
Demo: (115 KB)  map  
1trigger 2
3trigger 4
5trigger 6

When you've opened the wall (4) just fly around to the grate (6) and fire a Guided Missile through it to hit the trigger (8). Now you can fetch the goodies.

 level 11: invulnerability
Demo: (28 KB)

Unfortunately the map is again too crowded to be of any help so just check my demo. The door I opened up with flares has to be unlocked first with a trigger on itīs other side. To reach it, just get the blue key and enter the large room through the blue key door. Youīve to place a marker in the door opposite to the yellow door anyway.

 level 11: reactor
Demo: (352 KB)  map  
1secret doors that open when reactor is blown (ambush!)
2trigger to open fence and walls to reactor room
3trigger to reopen walls and to open walls to reactor

Once you opened the fence itīs no problem to get to the reactor. When you enter the reactor room the walls close up behind you but you can open them by shooting trigger (3). Doing so you also open the walls to the reactor. Watch out: do not fly too high above the ground to attack the reactor but just slide up a bit till you can see the reactorīs top. So the generators wonīt get activated and you can destroy the reactor easily!

 level 13: Omega Cannon
Demo: (19 KB)  map  
1secret door
2Cloaking Device
3door to keep open
4secret door
5trigger 4
6Omega Cannon

Well, it took me some time to figure it, yet it was one of my first demos on D2 and definitely the first one on the net explaining how to get it. The important thing: thereīs a trigger (5) in the room with the Omega not on the opposite wall but on your side so you canīt see it; this trigger opens the wall right of the Omega Cannon (6).
So open the secret door (1) where you can see the Omega Cannon through a grate. Slide down to the floor and aim at the wall behind the Omega Cannon a little bit to the right. Fire a Smart Missile (or use the Phoenix Cannon) against this wall and with luck (or practice) the blobs will bounce back and smash the trigger on your side: now the wall right of the Omega Cannon is open and you can fire open the other secret door (4); leading to the tunnel) from the inside.

The problem here: You canīt hit the wall directly and if youīd use another Smart Missile you have to be *very* fast to get through the tunnel to the other secret door. Itīs possible using the Afterburner but I wouldnīt say itīs easier. If you donīt want to kick your butt yourself by trying to place a Smart Mine through the grate, I suggest you do it this way:

Open the secret door (1) at the grate and place a marker in it so it canīt close. Place another marker in the door (3) to the tunnel that leads to the Omega so it canīt close either. Now position yourself in the tunnel aiming through the door on the grate (2) with the cloaking device behind it. Aim exactly on the middle and be sure youīre in a horizontal position. SAVE GAME!

Now fire a Guided Missile on the cloaking device take a hard right turn to the other grate with the Omega behind. If you aimed high enough you will get through the grate and now turn again hard right and to the floor and the secret door opens. Now rush to the door and get it.

 level 16: yellow key
Demo: (115 KB)  map  
1trigger Forcefield

Well, you won't believe how many people mailed me about this one till I finally gave up to add it here. Are you guys blind?

 level 16: invulnerabilty
Demo: (115 KB)  map  
1trigger grates

Phew, took me some time to figure it out and as much to hit this trigger! But there are a lot of nice goodies in there.

 level 18: yellow key
Demo: (43 KB)  map  
1secret door
2trigger secret door

Quite easy once youīve found the secret door. Tried it a couple of times to open the door to the yellow key from shooting it and afterburning around. But then I explored some more and found the secret door (1) that lets you access the key from above easily. Nice enough, on the way down youīll find the second Earthshaker of this level.

 level 18: deactivating the reactor forcefield
Demo: (16 KB)  map  
1trigger forcefield (ceiling)

Another one I got mailed about frequently. Iīm just wondering why they just didnīt explore a little bit to find that trigger. I mean, itīs even in the same room!!?!

 level 21: finding the exit
Demo: (43 KB)  map  
1trigger grates

Gosh, this is really obvious if you'd just use your headlight ;). I got so many e-mails about this that I finally decided to put it up! Watch out for an ambush!

 level 23: getting to the reactor
Demo: (15 KB)  map  
1secret door
2secret door
3trigger 4
4reactor door
6Cloaking Device
7secret door

Itīs easy; just enter the room through the upper red keycard to to open secret door (1). Fly in and when you leave youīll open the opposite secret door. This opens the door down to the reactor where youīll be ambushed by a couple of Spawns. As soon as you entered the middle of the room and flew back towards the door you came through the secret doors (3, 5) open. The trigger behind the left secret door (3) opens the wall the reactor is hidden behind.

But I wouldnīt do it this way cause itīs guarded by some Lou Gards. Instead you should fly into this room and fly out a bit until the wall opens. As you didnīt shoot the trigger it stays open for just a few seconds in which you can attack the bots from your nice hideout. Repeat this a few times and youīre alone with the reactor which shouldnīt cause any problems.

BTW, do not forget to place a Smart Mine under the exit cause thereīs a secret door that opens when the reactor is blown and your way could be blocked by some bot. Reminds me somewhat of the reactor door opening ceremony of D1 - level 21, remember?