Welcome to Moon's Descendariumupd: 06/24/2018 

Still here!

Wow, another 3 years since my last update and since almost having moved on from being busy at the retro gaming front with this an this. The last current games I've played were Inside and Into The Breach (and The Last Of Us on a friend's PS4) but now it's time to go back to 6DOF with Descent's spiritual follow-up Overload that's finally been released. I like it so much, I finally decided to upgrade my PC, yeah!

Also, I've already been asked if I plan to do a single-player guide on Overload since this is what I intended in 2015. However, since RL is keeping me quite busy and I'm not really into Let's Plays or Twitch, I don't think I will do it. Gonna play the game through on my new rig and I'll decide then...

In case you also want to rekindle your love for the series, get your fix from GOG and check out my fancy pull-down menus on the bottom leading to tips, maps and demos on beating the Descent 1-3 single-player campaigns.

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