Following are brief answers to some scenes most single-players seem to have problems with. In case you need more thorough help like walkthroughs, map screenshots and how-to demos (or help on things not mentioned below) please visit
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Simply enter any of the following cheat codes during the game (i.e. wherever you are in a level) but note that your shields and energy will get reduced to zero. This also happens when you use codes from the predecessors (after all this is not ID Software!).

Note: these codes do NOT work in multiplayer! The codes are not case sensitive and you only need to type in the last 8 characters, the full names listed below are easier to remember though. German players please note that "Z" is "Y" and vice versa.

The codes followed by an asterisk (*) are no cheat codes in the usual sense so they do not reduce your shields/energy and some of them do work in multiplay.

all versions (*):
Frametime: displays the Frames per second (FPS) - reenter to turn off
WeirdTexture: displays textures at random (even the map is messed up)
demos 1 & 2:
BlimPieBest: full shield, energy, demo weapons plus 500 of each missile
FreeItUp: all enemies killed
LongChimp(*): play in chase view mode (cool)
MightyAphrodite: Cloaking Device
YummyFunYon: Invulnerability
ZodIsGod: kills you
Sol Ascent:
BlackDove: Kills all enemies (even your Gunboys)
ChowYunFat: full shields/energy, every weapon + 500 of each missile
MonkeyDance(*): play in chase view mode (cool)
Mortality: invulnerable
Nosferatu: "Zod strikes revenge"; shields get reduced
PandorasBox: level jump
Phantasm: Cloaking Device
retail 1.5:
ByeByeMonkey(*): play in chase view mode (cool)
BurgerGod: invulnerability
DeadOfNight: kills all bots
FrameLength: frametime display
IveGotIt: all weapons, energy, shields
MoreClang: level jump
OutlinEm(*): outlines each polygon displayed (for level designers)
RenderStat(*): shows no of polys, vertices, and uploaded textures (ditto)
Shananigans(*): shows the Outrage default texture (ditto)
Teletubbies: turns a sun (outdoor level) into a Teletubbies face (argh!)
Testicus: Cloaking Device
TreeSquid: full map
Tuberacer: 210 damage (ouch!)

[4.2] How many (secret) levels does D3 feature?
15 levels + 2 secret levels. This may not sound very impressive compared to D1/D2 but please note that the D3 levels are about 3-4 times larger! Mercenary features 7 levels and NO secret levels.
There aren't any teleports (except in Mercenary level 4). To reach a secret level you got to find a hidden data cartridge in levels 8 and 12. Once you picked it up and finished the level the usual way (by completing all primary objectives) you'll come out in the secret level.
[4.4] How do I free Dr. Sweitzer in level 2?
You've got to create a diversion to make him get shifted to a lower security level where he can be picked up by the shuttle.

After having gained entrance to the higher security levels by using several keys (see section [3.3]), let the GB lead you to the Maintenance Gate. Shoot the grate to enter the service tunnel and use the right way till you come into a room with an acid vat. Try the levers, read the signs and you'll get the point.

As said in the manual: use Vauss or missiles to destroy windows (!).
Each train has a certain pattern you got to memorize. Watch the trains till you find the gap and afterburn to the next intermission. Keep checking the map so you can see which direction to go in.
Watch the floor or ceiling (turn on your headlight) for visual clues that show you the right path. Note that you'll need to pass one square twice in different directions.
Shoot each tong as soon as it opens. After that shoot the forcefields with your Laser in such an angle that the reflected shots hit the generators on both sides of your ship (as you could see in the short cutscene at the beginning of this level).
Shoot a Frag or Guided Missile down the shaft to hit the trigger inside (as seen in the cutscene at the beginning of this level).

The Stormtroopers are spread over the level and cannot be looked for by the Guidebot. Thus you should let the GB look for robots or powerups so he will lead you into parts of the level you haven't visited before. Do NOT pickup the full map because of it's limitations as explained in section [3.11].

You should take the Aft Matcen as the first objective since it's deactivation stops the production of further Stormtroopers. It's also quite good to visit the engine surge chamber early! BTW, there's a small bug in this part of the level.

Again the logs will help you out here: "I searched for an hour before somebody said, 'just remember who you work for'". You do now work for the CED so the hidden trigger must be (and is) the small CED sign under the generators in the large room where you placed the lens.

Instead of shooting it simply bump into it with your ship and the beam gets activated.

Left of the hall with the large lava tanks there's a control room with three wheels. Shoot the left one to drain the left lava pool and rush inside through the door at the ground of it. On the inside above the door you just emerged from is the trigger to open the room on the opposite side with the key.
Use the same technique as with the harzardous storage forcefield: place yourself as close as possible to the first forcefield and shoot the middle of it. With a bit of luck the shots bounce off the other forcefields and destroy the generator at the end of the tunnel.
Actually this is already to be found in the original D3 Retribution HOG but it has not been used in any of these levels. As well, the occurance in Mercenary level 4 seems to be a bug since the use of it does not have any effect. Presumably the scripting routines just weren't finished in time and someone accidentally placed this powerup instead of a working one in Mercenary level 4.

Anyway, here's how to get it: there's one room with four large pillars that connects three levels of the planetoid. Fly up to the top level and then go straight ahead through the middle tunnel and over a small pond. Pass an insectoid generator to your left and shoot the second 'mirror forcefield' on the left side. In the room behind you'll find the 'new' GB powerup (which has some striking similarity to a joystick <g>) as well as an invaluable energy to shield converter.

Well yes, but they are hard to find! Exit the honeycomb mentioned above and take a close look at the texures on the opposite wall. There's a flythrough texture you should examine to give both of them a yell ;)
This is a bug as confirmed by some of the programmers. Sometimes you'll encounter those dudes which suddenly can become visible which is the only time where you can shoot and hit them. When they are invisble you can't hit them at all even if you know where they are. You can only keep moving to stay alive. As said before there will be no patch to fix this.
Yes, as opposed to D1/D2 you can die as often as you want and it does not have any effect on your score or fulfillment of the objectives. Therefore, whenever you get killed you should feel ashamed and restart the level ;)
Due to a scripting bug that's still left over in 1.4 you get an incorrect message (tertiary objective) when shutting down the engine core. Simply consider this one as finished.
Usually the bomb gets triggered automatically as soon as you place it on the delivery pad and go down the central elevators to stop in front of a locked door with the boss bot behind. Due to a non-reproducable scripting bug the bomb does not always get triggered so you can only restart the game and try again (save games most likely won't work).

It's not yet confirmed wether this bug still exists in 1.4 but this is likely due to the nature of it.

Following is a method you should only use when you're really stuck and just can't get past this certain boss bot and you don't want to resign to cheating.

Save your game just before you're going to encounter that 'invincible' enemy of yours and quit the game to return to the D3 starting screen. Select Pilots | configure | difficulty and set it to a lower one you're currently at; maybe even to Trainee cause using this method already shows you're a real wimp ;)

Now load your save game and see how easy it can be to win a dogfight. As soon as you advanced, save your game again and reset your skill level to something more challenging. Of course, the only thing that really helps is practice, practice, practice...

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