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[10.1] Revision History
v. 2.0 added: [2.21] I get a crash on level x at a certain spot!
[2.22] Descent 3 will not auto-update?
[2.23] How do I find out what version I am using?
[2.24] Is there a no-CD crack for D3?
[2.25] Bugs in 1.4
[2.26] Bugs in 1.5
[2.27] Error: Cannot find object <GuideBotRed>
[4.19] How can I switch skill levels during gameplay?
[5.27] When I browse for multiplayer games I don't see any server!?
[6.3] How do I set up a dedicated server?
[6.15] I understand 'DisallowPowerUp', why is there an AllowPowerUp command?
[6.16] What does -framecap have to do with a server?
modified: [1.10] Will there be a Descent 4?
[2.21] Bugs in 1.4
[5.11] How do I get my pilot picture to show like I see some pilots have?
[5.26] How does the PXO ranking system work?
[9.x] New sites added
v. 1.77added: [2.21] Bugs in 1.4
modified: [9.8] New site added
v. 1.76added: [2.20] How do I get rid of the D3 registration dialogue window?
[4.18] Help, I can't trigger the remote bomb in Mercenary level 7!
[5.26] How does the PXO ranking system work?
modified: [1.5] Is a D3 demo available?
[1.8] Will there be a Mac/Linux/etc. port?
v. 1.75added: [3.14] How can I extract the D3 music (mp3s available)?
[4.17] I can't complete the shutdown engine objective in level 13!
[8.5] How can I modify my HUD so that the text doesn't overlap the rear view window?
modified: [2.11] Help, I can't start Mercenary: "redbuddybot.oof not found"!
v. 1.74added:2.16 What happened to my PXO stats? Did I get demoted?
[2.17] Is there a no-CD crack for D3?
[2.18] Help, I lost my reticle after having patched to 1.4!
[2.19] What patch should I use to see other players' servers?
[9.6] some new links
[9.7] some new links
v. 1.72added:2.15 D3 on Win2K gets an "Error: Illegal font file: lohud.fnt"!
[4.16] Do you really have unlimited ships in D3?
v. 1.71added:2.13 How do I migrate to the latest patch?
[2.14] Why does 1.4 take significantly longer to load?
v. 1.7new sections added, yet too much to list them separately
v. 1.4heavily revised edition to accompany the 1.4 patch release
v. 0.1-0.35initial releases by the original authors
[10.2] Contact
If you've got any questions, comments, suggestions or flames please send them to: Sick_One with the subect 'D3 FAQ'. In case you can offer valuable D3 related information we haven't mentioned yet we'd be happy to include them. We'll see what we can do ;)

[10.3] Copyright
© this FAQ 98-2003 by:

Kevin 'Sick_One' Murphy

No reproduction in any form without explicit prior consent!

[10.4] Credits
Thanks to the original authors:

Chris 'Gwar' Ledwith
Ken 'Prescience' Ito
Scott 'fathom' Roberts
Wesley 'Arsentia' Fok.

Thanks also to all contributers of the Descent community on the DBB & in who raised, discussed and answered a good deal of the questions and answers we used in this FAQ - you know who you are!

Thanks to Heiko 'HH-Soft' Hermann for offering webspace for the FAQ on his ever growing DNet.

Thanks to Peter 'Shiva' Maly for his Linux Server insight.

And above all kudos to Parallax and Outrage without whom the whole stuff just would not have been possible. We owe you, guys!

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