As a child I had a lot of fun playing The Castles of Doctor Creep on a friend's computer back in the 80s. We never made it through all of them so when Monty asked me if I was interested in doing a longplay for his C64 Gamevideo Archive I was quite intrigued and started with Sylvania. Trying to find my way through the ladder maze of this castle made me think of using maps to complete the castles. That turned out to be the right decision as I quickly realized when testing Callanwolde for a 2 player longplay which despite being number two on the list is one of the toughest castles. Since I couldn't find maps nor walkthroughs on the net I decided to make my own and - to justify the effort - also upload them so other people could benefit from my efforts.

What I did find with a little digging was a copy of Ed Hobbs' old homepage where he'd uploaded a PC remake of his game including an editor but unfortunately the graphics are rather ugly and the selfmade castles cannot be played on the C64 or an emulator. However, since the original file format has been partially reverse engineered, a multi-platform remake (including an editor) is finally available as well as CreepEdit for Windows (beta), both of which create castles playable on the C64. I guess it's safe to say we gonna see some new stuff in the future after all. BTW, Ed's current homepage is over at Catseyegames.com; see if you can figure out the link to the scans of his original level-design drawings.

For the time being you should be busy completing the levels already available (which add up to a total of 358 rooms) especially as I didn't want to spoil the fun by going into detail on every castle. However, since this site's initial launch in August 2008 there've been several requests for longplays of all the castles and dungeons so I've included them too as YouTube videos. I still think you should use them only when you're completely stuck or have finished a castle and wanna see how (fast) I dit it.

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